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There are many people out there that have always wanted to convert their cars to a Mass Air Flow sensor with our kit but have been hesitant due to the fact they have highly custom engines or stroker engines. Now you don't have to worry about a generic tune. You can tune your car to take advantage of the Miller MAF as well as the rest of your modifications.

Miller Gen3 MAF

Miller Performance is only company to bring an affordable mass air flow conversion to the market with a long standing, proven track record. Not only is it affordable, it is the ONLY plug and play MAF conversion that has no hassles and needs no end user adjustment. It is all taken care of on the chip provided with our conversion. With years behind the product now, the Miller MAF has built a solid reputation for being one of the best bolt on performance products you can use on your early model BMW car.



W.A.R. Chip

W.A.R. stands for “Write and Remap” and is a revolutionary performance chip for European cars up to and including 1995. It is the most powerful performance chip money can buy rendering traditional aftermarket chips obsolete. The W.A.R. Chip is not your average chip because it has multiple functions. It can have up to four reprogrammable & user controllable tunes loaded onto the device. It has a mini-USB port on the side so you can load different performance files from your laptop to your W.A.R. Chip. The Miller W.A.R. Chip even comes with software for your Windows based laptop that lets you modify your tune(s) whenever you want!

You can easily retune your vehicle with our easy to use windows based softwarealt

Remote Tuning Option

If you do not feel comfortable tuning your custom application on your own nor can you find someone you feel comfortable to do it for you, our remote tuning option may be what you need. This will allow us to create a custom base map for you to start followed by tune revisions until both of us are satisfied. For remote tuning you will need to provide us with data like Air Fuel Ratio and RPM from a data aquisition system or a dyno printout. The beauty of the WAR Chip is if planned out right, we can be revising your tune all in the same day while you are at the dyno to speed up the fine tuning process dramatically.

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