When you start pushing big power or simply like to drive your vehicle hard, stopping power becomes a matter of safety. Big brake kits offer advantages that you cannot achieve with the factory sized braking system. Larger rotors offer better heat capacity. This allows you to brake hard and continuously while eliminating the fading envelope the stock size system would present. Our brake systems are tested in the real world to ensure that they have not compromised the braking balance of the car. Our kits are also designed to be as bolt on as possible, installing usually with zero modifications. #WinFaster by stopping quicker with a Big Brake Kit for your BMW!
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Big Brakes

E34 Front Big Brake Kit

E34 Front Big Brake Kit (356mm x 32mm)

Price: $1,899.00

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E34 Rear Big Brake Kit

E34 Rear Big Brake Kit (328mm x 20mm)

Price: $1,349.00

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Wilwood 7416 Pads

Brake pads for your Miller Big Brake Kit

Price: $71.22

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