WAR Chip Flash system for OBDII BMW cars

Miller WAR FTS

The W.A.R. Flash Tune System has arrived in teaming up with Jordan Horowitz from RK Tunes we can bring more support and a greater tune database to cater to our customers. If you have an OBDII BMW (1996 or newer) and want a tune for your car but can't afford the down time of sending your ECU away to be flashed, the solution is here! The W.A.R. Flash Tune System (FTS for short) allows you to receive tunes via email and flash them directly to your ECU from the comfort of your own garage. Remote tuning is a breeze with the new W.A.R. FTS and can be done from anywhere in the world thanks to email! 

FOR OBD2 APPLICATIONS (1996 and Newer)

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W.A.R. Flash Tune System

OBD2 E36 S/C Applications

1996 to 1999 supercharged E36 Applications

Price: $1,350.00

Product details

OBD2 E36 Applications

1996 to 1999 E36 Applications

Price: $395.00

Product details

E46 Applications

e46 M3 Applications

Price: $500.00

Product details

S54 Swap ECU

Swapping the S54 into a different chassis? You need This!

Price: $1,250.00

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