Offering proven components for your BMW engine, Miller Performance has strayed from the "generic" offerings most companies carry. Specifically our pistons, which are designed and produced in partnership with a company that has an extensive engine designing background that spans over 25 years and has had heavy involvment in professional racing such as NASCAR and record setting land speed teams. With full capabilities to customize pistons for your EXACT needs, our forged pistons walk on the competition in price and quality.

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Pistons & Rods

Rod Bearings

For M52 S50 S52 engines

Price: $98.95

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M88/S38 10.5:1 Pistons

True 10.5:1 compression pistons for Stroker M88/3 & S38b35 engines

Price: $1,249.00

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M5x | S5x Turbo Pistons

M5x | S5x Pistons designed specifically for turbo applications

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M5x | S5x N/A Pistons

Performance pistons designed specifically for naturally aspirated engines.

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M30 Turbo Pistons

M30 pistons for turbo applications

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