M5x | S5x N/A Pistons

Performance pistons designed specifically for naturally aspirated engines.

Bore Size

Stroke .


Ring Pack

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  • Full External & Internal CNC Milling
  • Proprietary eccentric dish design
  • Forged from 2618 T61 Aluminum
  • Premium Features are standard
  • Machined 4130 wrist pins
  • Polished pin bores
  • Made in the USA

Miller Performance is proud to offer some of the best quality performance pistons available for your M52, S50 or S52 engine. We handle the machining of our pistons allowing us to provide pistons to suit any application.


Compression Options

Available in compression ranges from 11:1 up to 14:1 we have just what you need to help acheive your power goal.

Double Pin Oilers With Banana Grooves

A standard feature found on our pistons are the double pin oilers with banana groves. This feature is rarely found on other "generic" pistons and helps increase lubrication on top of the wrist pin. This ensures extra lubrication and better longevity.

Internal Milling

Internal milling helps further reduce the weight of the piston. By removing excess material from the underside of the piston, we are able to "cut the fat" and create a more consistent material thickness where it matters most. Most after market pistons do not come standard with internal milling and increase the cost significantly from their shelf price.

Honed and Offset Pin Boss

Another feature usually charged as a premium is to offset the pin boss. This helps reduce any piston noise and increases the pistons life. Our pin bosses are also honed to maintain a very low RA. This low RA further helps reduce wear and any chance of clearance growing which can sometimes be found on generic pistons with high RA finishes.

Accumulator Groves

This feature is sometimes found on competitor's pistons but not always. The accumulator grove between the first and second ring help reduce the pressure between the 1st and 2nd ring. This again, improves the longevity of the piston and reduces the risk of pinching a ring.

4130 Machined Pin

Our wrist pins included with our pistons are machined from 4130 Chrome-moly. Unlike other wrist pins that are rolled, our machined pins offer far greater strength and durability. Our wrist pins also feature a machined chamfer which is a superior method used to prevent the lock from ever popping out.