M30 Powerfold™ Intake

Improve your M30's performance with the Miller Powerfold™ expanded intake manifold.

Price: $399.00
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*Throttle Body Not included. Core Charge refunded when good M30B35 Core is returned to Miller Performance.


  • 2x Original plenum volume
  • Improved power and torque
  • Reduces high RPM engine choke out
  • CNC'd from Billet 6160 T6 Aluminum
  • Factory like appearance
  • Tig Welded
The Miller Performance Powerfold™ expanded intake manifold for the M30 engine is made from a stock M30B35 manifold machined to accept our CNC'd aluminum expansion tank which increases common plenum volume by a little more than double. It is available in a factory-like black finish or in raw aluminum so you can paint or coat it on your own. A core charge is applied to the initial purchase. Core charges are fully refunded if a good M30B35 Intake manifold is returned to us 30 days after the purchase date.

The Details

The stock intake manifold has roughly, only 1.8L of common plenum volume. That means there is only 1.8L of air on reserve for a 3.5L displacement engine. On the stock, factory intended application, this doesn't pose much of a problem. On a performance application this is a choking point for power and performance. With such a small amount of air on reserve for each cylinder to scavenge from, the lack of volume becomes a problem for higher flowing engines and higher RPM operation.
The Miller Powerfold™ M30 Intake offers nearly 3.7L of common plenum volume. This additional volume aids in improving power and performance for high flowing M30 builds as well as high RPM operation. It helps to prevent power from rolling over before peak RPM as the engine naturally does from starvation of available air. By having more air available at all times on reserve, the engine does not create a choke point within the manifold itself. Another benefit of the increased plenum volume has to do with intake pulse "tuning" and reducing the vacuum that is apparent when a restriction is in place. Runner length and size as well as plenum volume aids in this very dynamic phenomenon. We have left the runner length alone as to prevent the loss of low RPM torque and power. However, without going into pages and pages of details, the greater the area of the plenum the greater amount of air you have on reserve at all times. With more area, the engine doesn't have to work as hard to suck the air into the cylinders thus reducing vacuum inside the manifold which is a form of reducing restriction. The biggest change in volume from the runner would be ∞ plenum size, or simply atmosphere where there would be ZERO vacuum. By enlarging the plenum as much as we can while still packaging the plenum in its factory location and routing, we are stepping in the direction of simulating "atmosphere."
The Miller Powerfold™ Intake will help your high HP naturally aspirated or turbo charged M30 make more power by reducing the restriction the stock size plenum creates for high flow and high demand situations.

To have your core charge refunded you must send in an M30B35 Intake manifold.


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