M30 Camshaft

Miller Signature Cams, New - not regrinds!

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  • Tailor made for YOUR car at no extra cost
  • Cam card included for exact installation
  • Better profiles compared to regrinds
  • Blanks are Chill-Cast in Eastern Europe
  • Extremely durable, we guarantee them for life*
  • Best price for NEW custom cams

Dyno Details:

Run 1 Miller MAF, Miller Stg 2 head, MN 21 Cam

Run 2 Stock M30

Run 3 Miller MAF on M30


Cams are a major factor in the efficiency of an engines power output and a properly designed cam for your specific application will provide the most power possible from a camshaft upgrade. Our camshafts are made from blank chill cast cores produced in Eastern Europe. Because our cams start off as new blanks, we can grind any profile necessary for you application. Here are our most popular profiles.


Cam P/N

Advertised Duration


Duration @ .050"




MN-21 280° / 278° 232° / 228° .440" / .430"
MN-31 284° / 278° 237° / 229° .450" / .430"
MN-42 293° / 282° 240° / 233° .463" / .446"
MN-54 300° / 293° 248° / 240° .470" / .459"


When purchasing an M30 Cam from us, please call or email us to discuss your setup. By doing so, we will be able to guide you to choosing the perfect cam for YOUR specific car providing you with the best bang for your buck, and results that outshine the competition.


* We guarantee the cams for life to the original purchaser. Any wear or damage caused due to improper use or maintenance will void warranty.