M30 Manifold Core Instructions

How to get your core deposit back

To receive a refund of your $100 core charge you must send back an intake manifold fron an M30B35 within 30 days of purchase. Once a proper and reusable intake manifold is received, we will refund the $100 Core charge within 48 hrs. The core manifold MUST BE fron an M30B35 engine. Below we ouline how to identify the correct manifold.

M30B35 Manifold Identification

If your the car you are using our Miller "Big Boy" intake manifold on is an from an engine in an e32 735 or e34 535 your original intake manifold will be the correct one. Some late model e24 635's came with the M30B35 engine as well and will have the proper intake manifold to return as a core.

If the car you are going to use our manifold is an e28 535 or e24 635, chances are the manifold you have is the wrong one to send back as a core. Below are some photos of the correct, and the incorrect manifold and how to identify what you have.



  • Manifold will only have "3.5" on the backside of the plenum
  • Will have BMW roundel on top of the plenum
  • Will be found in a an e34 535i or e32 735i
  • SOME e24 635 cars have the M30B35 engine and thus this manifold.


  • Incorrect Manifold will have 3.2/3.5 on the backside of the plenum
  • Back side of plenum will also have a part number
  • Top of intake will say BMW instead of having the roundel logo
  • will be missing vacuum port on runner #6 beside plenum
  • Will typicall come stock on an E28 535 or E24 635


Once you have a proper core manifold to return, please send to:

Miller Performance
Empire Industrial Park
12414 Washington 99, UNIT 62
Everett, WA