The Best BMW MAF Conversion Kit Available

Price: $399.00
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  • Increased HP and Torque
  • Increased engine response
  • 3" Housing decreases restrictions
  • No internal moving parts
  • Factory like design and control
  • Weight savings

Miller MAF Frequently Asked Questions

Miller Performance is the only company to bring an affordable mass air flow conversion to the market with a long standing, proven track record. Not only is it affordable, it is the ONLY plug and play MAF conversion that has no hassles and needs no end user adjustment. It is all taken care of on the chip provided with our conversion. Over the past 12 years, the Miller MAF has built a solid reputation for being one of the best bolt on performance products you can use on your early model BMW car. With an unheard of price, and supreme signal quality there is no other choice that can come close to competing with our system.

Whenever you change the air metering device on your engine, you MUST recalibrate the tune. Because each model of sensor has its own unique air flow curve, the ECU needs to be reprogrammed to use and understand the signal properly. Our MAF software is unrivaled. Not only does our software take care of the intricate details associated with recalibrating the code for a new sensor type, we also optimize all other parameters to yield the best performance. With years of software development behind us, we have FLAWLESS tunes for your BMW. With software available for stock applications to high horsepower turbo applications, we have the solution for you that will blow your mind with its pristine drivability.

E30 M20 recomendation:
We highly recommend including a fresh, new rubber intake boot with the installation of your MAF sensor. We recommend this for the M20 engines because the stock intake diameter is only 2.7" in diameter. If your intake boot is old, chances are it is pretty dry and you won't be able to avoid the boot tearing when you install the MAF. We have new intake boots available. With a little heat from boiling the boot in water, the fresh rubber becomes soft enough to easily stretch over the 3" MAF housing without issues. For old and dry boots, boiling doesn't always work since they are typically quite brittle. We have both intake boot options since M20's have two possible styles. Type 1 and Type 2 are shown below and are available for purchase here.
M20 intake boot type 1

Still don't know what you need? Here is a general application guide.

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