Billet E30 Strut Bar


Price: $189.00
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  • Machined from Billet 6061 Aluminum
  • Modular design for easy fitment & Adjustment
  • No welds or hinge points
  • embossed tower pads prevent damage
  • Made by CNC in the USA


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Our signature series Miller strut bar for your BMW e30 318, 320, 325 and m3 is designed to minimize front end chassis flex and body roll during hard driving and cornering to help keep your wheels planted squarely on the ground. This provides better handling, a firmer feel of the road and better shock absorption. Our signature strut bar is made from billet air craft grade 6061 aluminum on shore in the USA. Our CNC machined, zero-weld design marries form and function into a strut bar that blows away the competition.

You will notice that other brand name bars have thin, almost sheet-like strut tower hats and welded flanges which can be prone to failure as they are physical weak points where load and stress is continually applied. Our strut mounts are machined from thick billet and have contours to prevent damaging the strut tower embossing. There is also zero flex with our strut mount design as there are no welds and all fastening point is solid, billet aluminum. On top of that, the modular construction allows easy install on any car. If you have ever tried to install a strut bar, you might have found that your car wasn't square. Non-modular strut bars can be hard, even impossible to install, on cars that have had accidents in the past. Our design allows adjustments to cater to every individual car's unique and minor differences.

Don't sell yourself short, there is no need to compromise for form, function or price. The Miller e30 strut bar will improve thehandling AND looks of your BMW without hurting your wallet!

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