Powerfold™ S38/M88 Intake kit

Powerfold™ Intake Manifold extension kit by Miller Performance for the S38/M88 Engine.

Intake boot color





  • Improved Power
  • Sturdy 5 ply reinforced construction
  • Oil Resistant
  • Direct fit to mating surfaces
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Made in the USA



The Powerfold™ intake manifold extension kit is designed by Miller Performance specifically for your e28 M5 or e24 M6. This kit is designed replace the stock couplers and to push the intake manifold back away from the engine to help improve flow and manifold tuning. By pushing the intake manifold away from the engine you are increasing the distance between the velocity stacks and the back of the manifold wall. This not only aids in better flow characteristics, it slightly increases the manifold's volume, which will increase power.


The silicone couplers are made specifically for to the size of the intake runner and manifold flanges for perfect fitment. If you need to replace your stock rubber boots, the Powerfold™ intake manifold extension kit is not only built to last, you will gain power from it!




  • 6 x 5 ply reinforced silicone reducers
  • 6 x 70 - 95 mm clamps
  • 6 x 52 - 76 mm clamps
  • instructions downloadable