M20 factory intake elbow

New M20 intake boots - makes installing a GEN3 MAF easier!

Price: $43.00
Intake Boot


Make installing your new Miller GEN 3 MAF a little easier while taking care of a simple maintenance item at the same time!

We highly recommend including a fresh, new rubber intake boot with the installation of your MAF sensor. We recommend this because the stock intake boot diameter is only 2.7". If your intake boot is old, chances are it is pretty dry and you won't be able to avoid tearing the booth when you install the MAF. With a little heat from boiling the boot in water, the fresh rubber becomes soft enough to easily stretch over the 3" MAF housing without issues. Old and dry boots don't always play nice even if heated since they are typically quite brittle.

Please use the pictures below to determine what type of intake boot you need as there are two possibilites.

M20 Intake boot type 1

Type 1

M20 Intake boot type 2

Type 2