Miller GEN III MAF 944

GENIII MAF conversion Porsche 944

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Optional Adapter



You may be well aware; Miller Performance was THE first company to bring an affordable Mass Air Flow conversion to the BMW market. Not only was it affordable, it was and still is the ONLY plug and play MAF conversion that has no hassles and needs no end user adjustment. It is all taken care of on the chip provided with the conversion.

We never stop trying to better ourselves. With special team’s dedicated to R&D on all our products, Miller Performance is able to bring an even better MAF system to its customers. With an unheard of price, and supreme signal quality, Miller Performance has revolutionized the MAF conversion AGAIN!


MAF Sensor:

Our MAF systems use real Bosch sensors, no cheap knock-offs here. Over the past 5 years, experimenting with many sensors we had initially settled with the Ford sensor as it was an option that worked well and helped make the kits more affordable. Over time we found ways to be able to bring a better sensor to our kits for a better price than before! Being a Genuine Bosch Sensor, the required voltage curve is even smoother which means better power delivery and better drivability. Also, our BOSCH sensors have built in adapters to plug into your Porsche AFM receptacle.

OPTIONAL Housing Adapter:

If you want your MAF to bolt up to your factory airbox, or air intake system then you may want to purchase the specific housing adapter.


With years of software development behind us, we have FLAWLESS software for your Porsche 944, if you are looking for custom software for your particular build, email or call us to discuss available options.


Dyno Txt

Dyno Graph for 2.5L SOHC MAF Conversion STOCK Car.