ProStreet Induction Kit

Gain more power than any other bolt on for your e30 325i, iS or iC

Price: $535.00
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  • 25+ HP & TQ at the wheels!
  • Reduces 1/4 ET & gains MPH
  • Integrated Miller MAF Conversion
  • Improved throttle response
  • Tuned length
  • Removes intake restrictions
  • weight saving aluminum construction
  • Incorporates stock ICV
  • Made in the USA

Kit Includes:

  • Miller ProStreet Induction tube
  • 5-Ply Reinforced Silicone elbow with ICV port
  • ProStreet Induction PERFORMANCE software
  • GENiii RACE MAF sensor
  • High flow cone filter

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1/4 Mile Data

The Miller M20 ProStreet Induction Kit opens your M20's intake tract up and lets you make some serious power! Offers gains of 25+ HP and 25+ Ft Lbs of torque over stock! The ProStreet Induction kit has also proven to shave over a second from your ET and add a few MPH to your 1/4 mile.

The M20 PSIK increases your intake tract from 2.5" to 3.0" in diameter and reduces all major restrictions associated with the stock equipment. With the improvements and restrictions removed the engine can breathe much better - giving you MORE POWER! The benefits don't stop there. The PSIK is more than a simple cold air intake, it's a MAF conversion as well.

The Miller M20 ProStreet Induction Kit incorporates our GENiiiM/Race MAF sensor right into the tubing giving it a nice clean look and ultimate performance. The intake also has provisions for the ICV  and its stock location. The PSIK saves a ton of weight compared to stock and allows for much cooler air to be consumed.


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  • The PISK is freakin nice! Nice throaty sound, good pickup, shift points are smooth. Really made for a sporty addition to my "stock"...
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    Robert Newman
    Greensboro - United States

  • Amazing product! Easy to tune and could tell a big difference in power. Ran the car on the dyno before and after and saw a 20whp gain...
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    Christopher Smiley
    Denver - United States

  • First off, the fitment was perfect and installation was easy. It started up right away with no codes or gremlins....

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    Tanner Hallihan
    Eibach Springs - United States